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Flexibility meets productivity
GNU tools: flexible, powerful, ubiquitous.
Visual Studio: productive, easy to use, widely known and loved by lots of programmers.
WinGDB: best of the two worlds at once.
Visual Studio taken into a new dimension
Build your projects with GNU make directly from Visual Studio. Fix build errors inside Visual Studio editor. Edit files remotely.
Debug programs with GDB using familiar Visual Studio debugging windows: threads, call stack, watch, locals, autos, memory, disassembly. Step through source code. Place breakpoints by one click.
Develop for Linux, MinGW, smartphones and microcontrollers without leaving your favorite IDE.
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What's new
  • New feature: download/upload directory.
  • New configuration options to automate certain tasks.
  • New feature: import source files to existing project.
  • Bug fixes.
The original is only one
WinGDB has been around since 2009. During years of development it gained unsurpassed level of quality and maturity, while continuously expanding its capabilities and and keeping up-to-date with recent releases of Visual Studio and GNU tools.
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Latest version:
WinGDB 3.5
Released: 2014.03.09

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