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Debugger settings

There is a number of settings in WinGDB related to the debugger operation. These options appear on Debug page in various configuration dialogs like Launch, Attach, Examine Core and Properties. The meaning of options is the same in all cases, although their set may slightly differ depending on context (e.g. launch or attach). Typically it looks like this:

The meaning of the options are:

Debugger environment settings

The Environment page contains miscellaneous options for configuring the environment, both on the target and local machine side.

Debugger initialization settings

Another set of options is related to the launch and initialization of the debugger itself. Those options are located on the Initialization page:

There are a couple of options for initialization scripts. Those are described in this section.

There is also an option to specify additional command line switches for GDB.

Additional directories settings

On the Directories page, you can specify some optional directories for debugging session:

Table of Contents

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