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Working with QMake

QMake is cross-platform build system offered as a part of the Qt library. It has its own, platform-independent format of build files (with .pro and .pri extension). These files are converted to platform dependent files in turn (e.g. makefiles, Visual Studio projects, and other available formats). You can find more information on the Qt website:

WinGDB currently offers enhanced editor for QMake files. The features include syntax highlighting, outlining and delimiter matching. More comprehensive integration with QMake is planned for future versions.

Configuring WinGDB for QMake

In order to use WinGDB with QMake, the Qt install location must be known to WinGDB. In most cases WinGDB is able to determine this location automatically. However, Qt must be installed with Windows Installer to allow that. If Qt were just unpacked to some directory, autodetection fails for some reason, or you want to choose among several installed Qt versions, then you must specify the location explicitly in WinGDB/Preferences/General/Qt installation path field.

Opening QMake project in Visual Studio

If you already have a project with .pro file but no Visual Studio project yet, you can use the New project wizard to create the project and open it in Visual Studio.

If you already have a Visual Studio project generated from QMake, you can continue working with it as before. In this case also use WinGDB/Properties or WinGDB/Project configuration wizard to configure build and debugging on remote host.

Editing QMake build files

QMake build files have extensions .pro and .pri. It is recommended to add these files to the project, so that they are visible in Solution Explorer window in Visual Studio. You can edit them just by double clicking, as usual. WinGDB offers specialized editing features for opened .pro and .pri files.

Syntax coloring in QMake files

WinGDB provides syntax highlighting for .pro and .pri files. You can configure this feature by opening standard Fonts and colors dialog and setting WinGDB QMake colors.

Table of Contents

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