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Environment configuration

Development with regular Android SDK

In order to use WinGDB for Android development, you have to install some additional components described in this section. Here you can learn how to tell WinGDB about the location of these components.

From WinGDB menu choose the Preferences option. A dialog will appear allowing you to set the preferences. The General page is the most important one. You can specify here paths to all required components: Cygwin, JDK, SDK, NDK and Apache Ant. The Use NVIDIA devpack option should be disabled.

Development with NVIDIA Android development pack

An alternative which is more suitable for development on physical devices (esp. NVIDIA's ones) is the development pack published by NVIDIA. It contains all required components in one package, convenient to install. It also has a newer version of GDB (7.2 as opposed to standard 6.6). It is a better choice for physical devices, since GDB 6.6 does not support debugging some recently added ARM assembly instructions (namely Thumb-2 conditionals), which can lead to error messages during debugging.

In order to use WinGDB with NVIDIA devpack, you have to install the devpack and enter the location of its root directory in Preferences window. Enable the Use NVIDIA devpack option and enter the path in a field next to it.

NVIDIA devpack contains all required components: Cygwin, JDK, SDK, NDK and Apache Ant. Locations of these components specified individually are overridden by the devpack when developing Android applications. They might be used however in Enterprise edition during development for other systems.

Table of Contents

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