WinGDB 6.0 Release 2019.06.01

This is a 30-day fully functional trial version of WinGDB Unified Edition (for all supported platforms). In order to continue using WinGDB after 30 days, please purchase a license.

For already registered users an upgrade from any former WinGDB 6.x version is free and there is no need to register again.

How to install and uninstall

WinGDB uses standard Windows installer. In order to install, double-click downloaded .msi package. An installer window will appear with further instructions. It is expected the installation may take several minutes, as WinGDB installer needs to run Visual Studio for proper configuration. This process needs some time to complete.

In order to uninstall, open Control panel, Programs and features, find WinGDB on the list, select it, right-click and choose Uninstall option. Again, WinGDB will run Visual Studio for proper cleanup.

The installer displays the license agreement (EULA), its acceptance is required to perform the installation. You can also read the EULA here.

Before installing or uninstalling, please close all instances of Visual Studio.

After obtaining a license key, please register the key (activate for your machine) by following instructions here. Do the same when upgrading WinGDB or changing your network hardware.