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Purchases are made through our distributors, FastSpring and BMT Micro Inc.. They provide reliable and secure on-line payment processing. None of your sensitive data is ever transmitted to WinGDB.com. Multiple forms of payment are accepted.

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WinGDB 6.x

WinGDB 6.x allows you to develop for all supported platforms, with both Linux and Windows based toolchains. All upgrades to newer 6.x versions are free.

Number of licensesCost per license
10 or more$69
WinGDB 5.x to 6.x Upgrade

This is an upgrade from WinGDB 5.x to WinGDB 6.x.

Number of licensesCost per license
Important information
  • Taxes: Prices do not include taxes which may be applicable in some countries or states.
  • License: The term "license" is considered here as a right to use particular version of particular WinGDB edition through unlimited period of time on single computer.
  • Free upgrades between revisions: You will be able to upgrade from WinGDB Unified Edition 5.x to any future revision of 5.x series for free.
  • Discount priced upgrades from previous version: In order to upgrade your WinGDB 5.x to WinGDB 6.x, you can buy an upgrade license for lowered price.
  • Upgrading from older versions: In order to upgrade WinGDB older than 5.x to WinGDB 6.x, please purchase regular WinGDB 6.x license.
  • Maintenance and support: New features are currently implemented only in 6.x. Important bug fixes may be ported back to older versions.