I want to buy a license, but I'm not sure which edition is best for me?

There used to be multiple editions of WinGDB in the past. We observed that it was somewhat confusing and currently there is only one commercial edition, named WinGDB Unified. It basically allows you to develop for any supported platform.

In case of development for Android mobile devices, you also have additional choice of free Android-only edition. Please look here for the downloadable package and more info. You can use commercial edition for Android development also, although Android target is still without "official" support.

I want to upgrade a license to newer version, but I'm not sure which one is proper for me?

For WinGDB 4.x, there are several kinds of upgrades, depending on which version you were using before:

What licensing options does WinGDB offer?

Currently we offer only node-locked licenses. That means a single license for WinGDB is tied to a single computer. The license can be moved to other computer (e.g. in case of hardware change), but you may use a license of WinGDB on one computer at a time.

Another software licensing option is the so-called floating license (network based). It involves installation of special server software on some computer in customer's network. The server controls the number of simultaneously active copies. Usually the price of such license is much bigger than the node-locked variant. We do not provide this option at the moment, as we want to keep the price low.

What should I do when my hardware has changed?

Please re-register WinGDB on your new hardware. Our automated license server will either:

In the second case (you have received the "already assigned" message), please contact support@wingdb.com and we move the license manually.

Can I use one license on two computers?

No, you have to buy two licenses. But note that we offer a large quantity discount even for two licenses.

What are possible forms of the payment?
We sell WinGDB through two US-based distributors, BMT Micro, Inc. and FastSpring. They complement fairly each other in terms of available payment methods. Also they are continously expanding their capabilities. Please review available methods on respective order pages and choose the one which suits you the best.
How to place a purchase order?
Purchase orders are typically used by corporations. If you're an individual person, some other form probably would be more convenient for you. A purchase order is completed in the following steps:
How to obtain a copy of the invoice or a pro-forma invoice?
Please contact respective distributor (FastSpring or BMT). In case if you need just a quote (sometimes called a "pro-forma invoice"), enter appropriate data on the orders page, and when the final price is calculated, just print out the resulting page from your browser.
What about multiple licenses?
You can order multiple licenses at once. You will receive as many license keys as the number of licenses you ordered. Each key must be registered to bind it to particular computer. You can choose one of two ways to do that:
I've bought a license. How to register the product?
You can read more about product registration here.
I've bought a license, but during registration I received a message saying that "The following license numbers are valid, but not suitable for requested edition.".
That means the key is for different edition that you have currently installed. It should not happen if you bought Unified Edition key, however it is possible for non-Enterprise old keys. Edition is being chosen during installation (for WinGDB 2.x or newer) or in the Registration Dialog (for WinGDB 1.x). Possible solutions:

You can read more about product registration here.

I sent registration information but did not receive a response.
Registration mails are processed by an automated service operating 24/7 under license_request@wingdb.com mail address. Sometimes technical problems may appear, for example: In case you do not receive any response in 24 hours, please do the following:
I've bought a license and registered WinGDB. However, it shows the "License expired" message.
This problem can be caused by several situations.
Can I buy WinGDB through third party reseller?

The best option is using one of our two distributor companies: BMT Micro, Inc. or FastSpring. You can make a purchase directly from our purchase page. We strongly recommend this method. However, if you can't do this for any reason and want to use some third party reseller, it is still possible. The reseller will not be eligible for any special discounts. If your reseller refuse to conduct the transaction for that reason, please use direct method or find another reseller.

Also note that using a reseller might introduce a delay in the purchasing, due to internal processes in the reseller company. Also the reseller company might send you wrong license keys or not send them at all due to internal mistakes.

We are not responsible for any aspects of operations of third party resellers. We strongly recommend purchasing our products directly from FastSpring or BMT Micro, Inc. (through the purchase page) to avoid any kind of problematic situations.

I am software reseller, do you offer discounts for resellers?
Depends on what kind of reseller you are. Please find more information here.